Custom Carbon Fiber Tent poles
We provide custom carbon fiber tarp and tent poles in 5 different diameters, at just about any
length, with a number of different options and features. If you don't see what you need, we can
probably build it for you.  

Tent poles are cut to length when ordered. This can add 1-3 days to process your order. Many
times tent poles will ship the same or next day if you order a popular size, as we keep many of
these on the shelf ready to ship.
From top to bottom: 48" 450 pole, 60" 600 pole, and 75" 710 pole, all with adjusters.
Warranty: Poles have a warranty for materials and workmanship. Beyond that we don't spell anything too
specifically because there are so many variables. Unless you run it over with your car, we will probably just
tell you to return it, so we can fix or replace it. If it needs more than one section replaced, we typically prorate
the replacement based on age and circumstance. We have fixed 10 year old  poles, that were built for other
manufactures, for free. We know of 13 year old tent poles that we built, that are still going strong. The goal
here is customer satisfaction, we stand by our products.
Choose from the below sizes.