Custom Carbon Fiber Tent poles
These custom carbon fiber tent poles are made with highest quality carbon fiber. The carbon
fiber is constructed of a custom multi-directional layup, including a fabric, layer, and carbon
fiber ferrules. By using engineered layups, the wall thicknesses can be reduced, strength can
be kept up, there by reducing weight but maintaining strength.
.600 Tent and Tarp Pole---These poles are for larger tarp and tent applications. These work especially
well for pyramid tents. These poles come in a 4 section configuration with an optional adjuster. Available in
custom lengths to best fit your applications. Order your pole four inches shorter than your shelter if ordering a
adjuster, and one to two inches longer if not ordering an adjuster.
.600 Tent pole---The max length of this pole is 66 Inches, the minimum is 48
Inches. A 66 Inch pole weighs 4.875oz You can subtract .063oz per inch shorter
than 66 Inches---$80

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.600 Tent Pole adjuster---Adding this carbon fiber adjuster gives you an
additional  8 Inches of length, and the ability to adjust the pole infinitely up and
down within that 8 Inch range, 1oz---$17  

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.450 Tarp Poles---These poles are used to pitch tarps and small shelter, for those that don't use trekking
poles. These poles are much larger in diameter and stronger that poles normally sold for this purpose. You
might find tarp poles that are a fraction of a ounce lighter, but they will fit inside these. The bottom has a
plastic cap, while the top has an aluminum spike for cord or grommet attachment. These come in 2,3, and 4
section versions, at custom lengths.
4 Section .450 Tarp Pole---The max length of the 4 section pole is 54", the
minimum length is 40.5. A 54 Inch pole weighs 3oz, you can subtract .04oz per
Inch shorter than 54 Inches---$60  

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3 section .450 Tarp Pole---The max length of the 3 section pole is 40.5 Inches,
the minimum is 27 Inches. A 40.5 Inch poles weighs 2.2oz. ---$48

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2 section .450 Tarp Pole---The max length of the 2 section pole is 27 Inches,
the minimum is 18 Inches. A 27 Inch pole weighs 1.4oz---$36

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