2016 Yana Poles
Carbon fiber Yana Poles are the original UL adjustable trekking poles. They are still the
lightest adjustable poles on Earth! These started life as the venerable
Adjustable Goat Poles,
sold by Titanium Goat. As such, their components and accessories are completely
interchangeable with the early versions. The updated 2016 versions are the strongest yet. We
have completely updated the lower shafts to make them almost twice as strong as the old
versions, with an almost unnoticeable weight penalty. The new lower shafts have a beautiful
ground carbon fiber twill fabric pattern.
--3.85oz(106 Grams) Each Without Baskets. Baskets Add
.2oz(6g)          Each.
--Adjusts from 30 To 51 Inches(76 To 130cm)
.....Price is per pair.....     

                                  ___Out Of Stock___    
Maintenance Kits--These kits contain 2 expanders and 4 washers, this is good
for one pair of poles. These are nice added security on the trail should you
loose peices.---$7

____In Stock____
Upper Shaft--Replaces the upper portion of a Yana pole---$32

____In Stock___
Lower Shaft--Replaces Lower portion of a Yana pole. Does not include basket,
or expander and washers.---$42.50

____In  Stock___
Replacement Baskets--Replacement Baskets, One pair.---$4

____In Stock___
Removable Wrist Straps--These fit into the handle of your Yanas, Now built
with Titanium Dee Rings---.9oz---$14         

____In Stock___
Wrist Straps With Camera mount--The same as the removable wrist straps,
but with a camera mount built into one of them---1oz---$21

____In Stock____
Camera Mount--Inserts into the handle of you pole, so you can attach a
camera and use it like a mono-pod. For use without straps---.4oz---$10    

____In Stock____   
Clarkii Rod---Converts your Yana upper handle into a Tenkara fly rod. More
information on the
Clarkii page.
                                                                                    Yana  Features:
--Carbon Fiber: Yanas are made from custom specification US made carbon fiber tubing manufactured from
best in the industry Torrey brand carbon fiber fabric.

--Versatility: Yanas have more multifunction features than any other pole. From removable wrist straps to
camera mounts or Tenkara rods, they do allot of multitasking. Want to pitch taller shelters with your Yanas?
You can take a lower shaft from one pole, and insert it into the handle end of the other pole to pitch shelters up
to ~65" tall.

--EVA grips: Not only are these light, they are comfortable in all temperatures. The low profile ambidextrous
design also works better for shelter pitching applications where bulkier grips sometimes get in the way of

--Pole Tips: Yanas use Black Diamond Flex Tech Tips with removable and replaceable carbide or rubber tips.
Carbide tips average ~1000 miles of use, and then need to be replaced. The Flex tech tips make this easy
and convenient, while also  allowing you the lightest option available for rubber tips.  Other tips require cutting,
heating and wrenching the old tips off, which can damage the poles in the process.

--Components: The slip resistant Neoprene rubber expanders and polycarbonate washers used in the
adjusting mechanism of the of the Yana poles are field replaceable, with light weight spares available and
reasonably priced.  Like with the tips, the expanders of all trekking poles have a life that is dependant on the
use they get. These components may require replacement at some point in the life of the poles, which is
easily done with the Yanas. The other components for the adjusting mechanism are marine grade, and
tolerant to wet and even salt water environments. No need for washers or other silly parts to try to keep the
water out. Yanas are built for the real world, and real elements. Spare expanders and washer can be stored
inside the upper shaft of the trekking poles, by threading them onto a string, and inserting them into the poles
at the handle end, so they are also there in case you need them.

--Baskets: Light weight replaceable baskets are included with the poles.

--The Warranty: 2016 Yana poles carry a one year replacement warranty for the original purchaser, this covers
materials and workmanship. Most other incidental breakages are prorated for replacement to the original